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Top Notch Movers has everything you need when it comes to goods packing. We are committed to handling all of your items cautiously and with care. Most of our customers will choose us to do their packing for them, but you may choose to pack your own possessions, no matter if you are moving long or short distance.


Packing Guidelines

The following guidelines will assist you in preparing towards your move:

  • When you decide to pack your own goods, it is important that you have all of your things properly packed and ready for us to load when we arrive at your place. In short, packing should be completed before the moving day.
  • When you pack yourself, it is expected to meet a particular standard. The foreman for Top Notch Movers will take a look at your boxes and make the determination if your goods are packed correctly. If the packing looks improper, the cartons may get damaged.
  • If the boxes are ripped, soiled, torn, or they cannot be sealed, you will have to either replace or fix those damaged boxes.

Fragile items packing recommendations:

Pack 80% of the box with fragile items, and the remaining 20% pack with bubble wrap and wrapping paper. Try to layer the bubble wrap and paper in between your items.

Packing Materials And Boxes

Our packing materials and boxes are suited for both the professionals and those you choose to pack their own things. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the products that you purchase from us, and you can rest assured that we will help you with whatever concerns you may have.